Blogie Blunts

We offer a series of affordable, yet high-quality, hand-rolled infused blunts. Made with organic hemp wraps, whole flower, and infused with keif, diamonds, or both.

We take pride in providing you the same blunts that we as connoisseurs would choose for ourselves.

Live Rosin Vape Pod

0.5 gram disposable vape pod. Filled with premium sourced live rosin.

These vaporizers are super convenient as they’re ready to use right out of the box. No charger necessary, just inhale to activate and discard when you’re finished.

Our live rosin comes from premium flower, washed and extracted without any harmful chemicals. We use only ice water and heat to bring you this fine experience. COMING SOON in several flavors. We can’t wait to see what you think.

Available in Several Flavors

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