From Our Farm to Your Front Door | 5 Benefits of Buying Direct

From Our Farm to Your Front Door | 5 Benefits of Buying Direct

Here at Gatunlati Co, we like to think of ourselves as modern shamans, combining ancient medicine with new age technology. This integration is already apparent in our innovative product line, and now we’re ready to revolutionize the way you shop for your cannabis.

We’re in an age in which everyone loves to shop online, so we thought it was about time that you order your favorite luxury cannabis items online too. Now you can transcend and heal with Gatunlati without having to leave the house as we deliver your favorite live rosin pods and Blogie Blunts direct from our farm to your front door.

Benefits of online shopping with Gatunlati Co

Let’s take a quick look at some the benefits of shopping online with us:

It’s convenient

There’s no doubt that our cannabis delivery service offers the ultimate convenience to our customers. If you happen to be heading out anyway, you might not mind an extra stop at your dispensary, but having to make a special trip can be bothersome, especially if you’re running low on time or energy.

It’s easy

Simply select the products you wish to purchase from our online shop and have them delivered directly from our farm to your front door. No traffic, no people, no problem.

It’s comfortable

A delivery service also makes your shopping experience more comfortable, whether you’re in a lot of pain, suffering from social anxiety, or simply just don’t feel like leaving your sacred space today. Let us help by bringing everything you need to your front door.

It’s affordable

We’ve always prided ourselves on providing premium, luxury products at affordable prices, but when you order your premium live rosin pods and Blogie Blunts directly from us, we’re cutting out the middlemen. This means you’re getting the very best prices we can offer, every single time.

It’s personal

Having a more direct relationship also means having a more personal relationship with you, our customer. We’re confident that we’ll be able to provide you with a more tailored and beneficial customer service experience and we’ll be right here for you if you ever have any questions or comments. 

Your feedback is highly valued as we want to make sure that we’re developing and offering exactly the right kinds of products you need.

It’s environmentally friendly

By delivering our products directly to our door, we’re also reducing the carbon footprint of our cannabis. Usually, the products would have to be shipped to a variety of locations, including distribution centers and dispensaries, before eventually finding their way home with you. But this way, the products are simply being moved from our farm to your front door.

Shop Online With Gatunlati Co

Welcome to a new cannabis experience, with which you can learn, transcend, and heal with Gatunlati, without ever having to leave your sofa.