Five Great Reasons to Choose Blogie Blunts

Five Great Reasons to Choose Blogie Blunts

What sets Blogie Blunts apart from the competition? Here are five great reasons why we think you should choose Blogie Blunts over other cannabis blunts on the market.

1. The infusion

Blogie Blunts are designed with potency in mind. Whether you want to amplify your effects or elevate your high, every single blunt we roll is infused with a high-THC concentrate to turbo-boost your experience.

We put our infusions on the inside of the blunt, to ensure they stay exactly where they need to be, until you’re ready to blaze.Choose from keif, bubble hash, and THC diamonds, depending on the high you’re chasing.

We only have one question for you, just how potent do you want your Blogie Blunt to be? Our two grams blunts infused with keif are not for the faint hearted, but our hard hitter combines a massive three grams of premium cannabis flower with impressively concentrated THC diamonds.

Blunts are already renowned for their ability to pack in a lot more flower than other types of pre rolls, but with the infusions offered by Blogie Blunts, you’ll be able to enjoy a more potent and powerful experience than ever before.

2. The flower

Each Blogie Blunt holds between two and three grams of locally-grown, whole cannabis flower for your extreme smoking pleasure. You can benefit from an intensely aromatic smoke and cannabinoid-rich experience each and every time you light up

We pride ourselves on using 100% pure, premium cannabis flower to make every single one of our Blogie Blunts. No shake or trim in sight, just beautiful Gatunlati nugs ground up to the perfect consistency for smoking.

As cannabis connoisseurs, rest-assure that the cannabis flower we use to roll our Blogie Blunts, is the same exact flower that we would choose for ourselves. Savor our Blogie Sativa to heighten your senses at social gatherings or at the gym. Or find relief with our Blogie Indica to create the ultimate body buzz and melt you into your couch (or bed) for the night.

3. The wrap

Blogie Blunts are hand rolled to perfection (so you don’t have to!) with all-natural and organic hemp wraps, instead of the traditional tobacco wraps. This means you can enjoy your Blogie Blunt tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and worry-free. 

The slow, even burn provided by the hemp wrapper allows you to make the most out of every blunt, taking your time between each indulgent inhale. And the tailor-made filter provides a clean, smooth, and satisfying smoke from start to finish.

4. The price

You’d think, after reading all of that, Blogie Blunts would have a premium price tag to accompany their luxurious nature, but we purposefully keep the price of Blogie Blunts as low as possible to make them more accessible for everyone to enjoy.

5. The convenience

Blogie Blunts can now be delivered directly to your door. Choosing which Blogie Blunts you want to try next will probably be the most difficult part in ordering your blunts online. But once you have made your decision, simply add them to your cart, submit a copy of your I.D., and then checkout!

We’ll deliver your Blogie Blunts and take payment from there, whether you want to pay by cash or card. You never have to leave your house again (but we highly recommend you do)!